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Welcome to Perth’s premier health & wellness destination for mental & physical wellbeing.


Wellness, Movement, Strength.

More than your average traditional gym, Wellstrong is a boutique fitness facility that specialises in mentoring & goal-setting, as well as helping people work on overcoming mental health issues such as anxiety & depression.

✔️  Use aspects of traditional, progressive & hybrid strength training, combined with functional movement training.

✔️ Create a fulfilling lifestyle based on a flourishing mental state of mind

Wellstrong is here to help guide people to optimal levels of physical & mental health. While we are a strength training & functional movement facility, we also want to educate the community in the critical importance of creating awareness & understanding around mental health. 

With clients ranging from young students seeking to gain weight, to corporate executives needing a high-performance edge, to Seniors seeking to overcome debilitating pain, Wellstrong is your complete health destination based in Guildford, Perth.


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Bespoke Tailored Coaching


Whether your goal is to lose weight, get stronger or unravel a nagging problem, personal 1 to 1 coaching will help you execute a new plan for excellence. With specific advice for your body type and fitness level you’ll receive the utmost in care and attention.  


Training your body to effectively perform everyday functional tasks is paramount to preventing injury. With a focus on biomechanics, rehabilitation and preventative strength training, functional training will increase your mobility, power and endurance.


Your unexplored potential is waiting. Using strength-based approaches to self-discovery, we utilise tailored methods and theories to unlock hidden opportunities and tap into your natural strengths and capabilities.


Utilising multi-directional vibrations, the Power Plate contracts and relaxes your muscles which challenges stability and engages the core. Used in both rehabilitation and prehabilitation, the Power Plate is a valuable addition to any wellness plan.


Helping you overcome resistance to change by engaging theory from Coaching & Positive Psychology. Determining what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it is the first step to creating a plan for positive and lasting change.


Small group training offers you the chance to try a multi-modal approach to health and fitness. With a maximum class size of eight like-minded gym buddies, you’ll find motivation and support as you experience a range of fitness philosophies.


What People Are Saying

As someone who runs their own business and has a young family, Louis has been instrumental in helping me through some tricky patches. I can not recommend him enough. Absolutely game changing. The one person I would trust with my mind and body!

thumb Wards Carpentry
July 18, 2019

When I started at Wellstrong three years ago my goal was to achieve some weight loss and gain some strength after having two beautiful babies in the space of three years. Not only have I achieved these physical goals and continue to do so but the improvements I’ve made mentally have far out weighed anything I thought could be possible. Louis’ care and attention is unlike any other training I’ve experienced in the past. He caters personally to each of his clients and his professionalism and skills are second to none. I can not recommend his method of training enough to anyone who is looking to improve their life and themselves.

thumb Nici Ward
July 18, 2019

Louis provides a fully integrated approach to strength, mobility and physical and mental health. I am over 70 years old and have been working with him for just over two years and am fitter and healthier than I have been in my past 15. The gym is one of a kind. Relaxing,, but functional, located in an old suburban neighbourhood. Music of your choice too!

thumb Phillip Dunstan
July 21, 2019



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